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ocTEL Activity 6.2 WebPA

I am ‘Mrs Teamwork’ when it comes to assessment.  I think  it is essential that it is properly supported rather than sink-or-swim.  Although I have done  a lot on this, I still do get the occasional ’it’s not fair’ vibe.  WebPA is therefore very appealing to me (Case study 7, p42).  I particularly like the aspect of agreeing criteria for assessment. […]

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ocTEL Activity 6.1

Snipped from http://www.jisc.ac.uk/media/documents/programmes/elearning/digiassass_eada.pdf I really like Nicol’s approach as it seems (to me) to be about getting students to be able to make accurate judgments on their own work.  His earlier work (2009) uses ‘empower’ and ‘engage’ and I think this is the essence of these 12 principles.  I like number 12 too – learn from your learners. […]

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National Student Change Agent Network

Going into webinar over-drive this week by also joining in the JISC event today which I thought was inspiring and thought-provoking. I saw a few familiar names from ocTEL there too! That will all have to wait though for the day-job to stop getting in the way! (more info on these here:  http://elearning.jiscinvolve.org/wp/2013/01/30/diglitwebinars/) and the recording is […]

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Developing students’ digital literacy to give them the best chance of success : JISC

Tags: digital literacy, digital, jisc, literacyby: Elizabeth E Charles

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OER Impact : JISC

Tags: OER, open source, JISCby: Roger Harrison

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