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This is an archive of the 2013 version of ocTEL.

Open Educational Resources (OER)

In reviewing the materials for session 1 of the Open Content Licensing for Educators (OCL4ED) mOOC (micro Open Online Course) I was immediately taken back to a brief exercise I put together for another MOOC, the Open Course in Technology Enhanced Learning (ocTEL) hosted by ALT.  I use two blog posts to demonstrate open and proprietary, or closed, resources.

See and

I thought, at the time, it was a simple way to show some fundamental differences between OER and proprietary systems.
The commitment to using OER requires checking and verification.  The commitment to creating OER is even greater, checking and verifying against known copyrighted works, and then re-creating or rewriting as necessary.  Consider the following from (Brown, Holding, Howell, Rodway-Dyer, 2010):

“Checking for potential copyright infringements hasproved to be a resource hungry activity. Contributing academics are asked to mark up their material, indicating what they know is their own authorship, what is third party (and whether they have permission to use it), and any content whose provenance they areuncertain about. The material is then forwarded toprofessional support colleagues who check more forensically, including passing text through plagiarism detector software. Disturbingly, their observations are that awareness of copyright issues by academics is low, interest probably lower but non-compliance at a worryingly high level! Much discussion then ensued with the academics in seeking e.g.infringement-free replacements or re-writing some portions of text. In such negotiations, inevitably the initial goodwill became strained and the academic’s enthusiasm considerably dimmed. There is an unanticipated call upon academic’s time and OER is unlikely to be anywhere near the top of their agenda.”

Creating OER is a massive commitment with (currently) little recognition. It is a labor of love, of belief in humanity, and in belief that a free and open body of knowledge can exist in our consumer society.

Browne, T., Holding, R., Howell, A., & Rodway-Dyer, S. (2010). The challenges of OER to Academic Practice. Journal Of Interactive Media In Education, 1-15. 

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ALTC2013 – Registration and Day One

ALTC 2013 – Registration and Day One Storify by James Little Tue, Sep 10 2013 15:47:19 0 0 ALTC 2013 – Registration and Day One Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Share on Google+ Share on Linkedin Share by email David Kernohan@dkernohan OK, UK Ed Tech people. @downes is in …

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altc2013 building new connections: Notes on integrating Conferencer, BuddyPress, FeedWordPress and MailPress for a conference platform

I’m not entirely sure what this post is. I started writing it on the train down to altc2013 and think it lost its focus between York and Sheffield. Essentially I wanted to write this to highlight some of the benefits of using BuddyPress as a way to capture user activity streams but at the same time some of the challenges of achieving an integrated experience using WordPress. I’ll let you decide it’s value and please feel free to comment (the ‘dirty code’ post will be a lot better).

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Horses for open courses: Making the backend of a MOOC with WordPress #altc2013

On Tuesday (10th September, 2013) I’ll be giving a short presentation at altc2013 on using WordPress as a course platform for ocTEL. I had planned to write more about the actual presentation but instead got lost in how to box an open course.

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ALT-S SIG Glasgow Caledonian University – 20th June 2013

A belated blog about the ALT-S SIG Glasgow Caledonian University on 20th June 2013.

This is the first meeting, apart from at ALT-C that I have attended and the first time that I’ve been to GCU.  It was very interesting and useful and I met and talked to quite a few people that I’ve not met before.  The attendees were mostly Learning Technologists.
There was a mixture of presentations and talks and then group discussions with feedback.
The presentations were the following which were all very interesting and useful.

Dr Christine Sinclair, University of Edinburgh: The Coursera Experience

Grainne Hamilton, Jisc RSC Scotland: Open Badges

Martin Hawksey, Cetis: ALT’s ocTEL MOOC experience: Designing the platform

As well as tweeting from the event, I did take some brief notes……

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EOF/SOF: Building a connectivist conference platform for ALT-C using WordPress (first look)

End of File/Start of File – before another era starts here are the beginnings of a connectivist inspired conference platform for ALT-C 2013 proudly powered by WordPress

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Technology – Distraction or Opportunity?

This article by Julie Tausend on the EdTech Magazine website – Distraction or Opportunity? A Guide to Embracing Technology in the Classroom – asks the question as to whether classroom technology, or the BYOD mentality, can be harmful or an opportunity to learning. It argues that it can (as I would agree) but specifies the […]

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Flexible Learning

Exactly a week ago I was presenting at HEA Flexible learning through professional practice at Bath Spa University Corsham Court Campus.  The place is beautiful!  Worth the long drive from Huddersfield (as much as I love Huddersfield too – do visit, you will be surprised!)  The event was great too. I was presenting a module re-design to […]

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#ocTEL retrospective and looking forward

Anyone who looked at this blog before April (ok, so that’s probably my mum and me) might be wondering why a copy-editor and proofreader has been posting about something called ocTEL for the last few months. As well as working … Continue reading

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#ocTel is over, I am now brilliant – just don’t ask me to prove it

In the final week of #octel we looked at evaluation and feedback and this was also a chance to look back at the course and see what we had learnt and if we had answered our big question. Looking back … Continue reading

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