Author: Joseph Gliddon

This is an archive of the 2013 version of ocTEL.

#ocTel is over, I am now brilliant – just don’t ask me to prove it

In the final week of #octel we looked at evaluation and feedback and this was also a chance to look back at the course and see what we had learnt and if we had answered our big question. Looking back … Continue reading

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Sometimes you have got to take the risk of failing #octel

“The greater danger for most of us lies not in setting our aim too high and falling short; but in setting our aim too low, and achieving our mark.” ― Michelangelo Buonarroti As you have probably guessed I have gone “off … Continue reading

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So they asked me to put my course on-line, now they’ve sacked me! #octel

I was looking at the #octel video on the Saylor Foundation and my first thought was – oh there are no lecturers at all. This made me realise that a fear that academics have been telling me about for years has … Continue reading

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Importance of question design #octel

One of my colleagues told me they were planning a session on question design for students who had opted to create eLearning materials as part of their course.  As we were looking at assessment and feedback on #octel this week, … Continue reading

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Does weighing a pig make it smarter? #octel

This week for #octel we need to”list and critique up to three different assessment approaches available on Technology Enhanced Learning courses” The 3 I am going to use are Online tests with automatic feedback Online Essay submission with online marking … Continue reading

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Finding resources, making resources? – I don’t have time! #octel

Your standard academic is overworked and time poor, they would like to provide high quality additional resources to help their students study but if finding them is a problem they may not have time, quality checking takes more time.  Creating … Continue reading

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#octel Active learning session

Ok so I am going to borrow/rework an idea from someone I did some teacher training with a few years back (cheers Rob Hawkins!). In the original, Rob told his A level students “you work for a university and have … Continue reading

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What does my learning look like? #octel

So for #octel this week our first task is “What is learning? (30 minutes) Think about the last time you learned something. Describe what you learned? How did you go about learning it? What strategies did you use? “ I … Continue reading

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#octel mooc – Who are our learners?

Having very little time last week I only managed to do the “If you only do one thing” so I took a few of the questionaires Penn State University: Online Readiness Assessment San Diego Community College: Online Learning Readiness Assessment Illinois … Continue reading

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Mooc, Mazur and Mitra – My planned pedagogy #ocTEL

The activity on #ocTEL was to look at a course you were teaching and see how ‘individual to social’ and ‘autonomous to directed’ it was.  Most of what I currently do as a learning technologist is single training sessions rather than … Continue reading

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