Month: December 2012

This is an archive of the 2013 version of ocTEL.

There's nothing new in MOOCs

I have recently started working with the ocTEL team looking at how to evaluate the Massive Open Online Course or MOOC they’ll be running next year. (ocTEL stands for Open Course in Technology Enhanced Learning, there’s an outline of the course on th…

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Inspire Research :: Research to Inspire Learning

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Introducing OLDS MOOC and mixing courses

ocTEL shares some of its DNA with another free online course, “Learning Design for a 21st Century Curriculum”  a.k.a. OLDS MOOC (more on those acronyms in a second),  which starts early in January. By DNA, I mean that our principles

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Top UK universities launch free online courses | Education |

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UK universities are wary of getting on board the mooc train | Education | The Guardian

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