Author: David Jennings
Consultant and occasional writer, based in London. Chartered Pscyhologist and CMALT. Overall co-ordinator of ocTEL.

This is an archive of the 2013 version of ocTEL.

ocTEL at ALT-C 2013

If you took part in ocTEL, you probably couldn’t help noticing that the Association for Learning Technology, which runs the course, also runs an annual conference — known as ALT-C. Video clips of  talks at previous ALT-Cs are liberally sprinkled through

Living and learning in the open

Now that ocTEL has been over for a few weeks, we in the team are at leisure to look back on it with rose-tinted glasses. The sky didn’t fall, no animals were harmed, and a few participants even had some

ocTEL accreditation and mapping to CMALT

We appreciate that many people doing ocTEL want to get some credentials to evidence their learning. If we develop a revised ocTEL 2.0, then we aim to include some form of lightweight accreditation (Open Badges is favourite). In the meantime we’ve

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ocTEL is over, long live ocTEL

Please forgive the slightly self-important title, but what we wanted to let everyone know is that, while the first run of the course is over, ocTEL will continue to be available for a variety of purposes: participate — existing participants

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Re: ocTEL final webinar – 12:30 today

Thanks for taking the trouble to say that, Catherine.Next week I will put a blog post on the ocTEL site to outline our plans for keeping resources and discussions available – but basically, yes, all the course materials will remain available for most o…

ocTEL final webinar – 12:30 today

As you know, ocTEL is in its final week.On the face of it, you may think this doesn’t mean much to you – especially if you haven’t been active in the course for 4, 6, or 9 weeks.However, in an hour and a half – at lunchtime in the UK – we’ll be running…

Action plan and case study activities: your feedback please

When we designed ocTEL we reasoned that anyone who was still with us in the three to four weeks at the back end of the course would, by definition, be fairly earnest and committed to Technology Enhanced Learning. Therefore we

Wrapping up Week 8: the E in TEL

Last week’s theme on ocTEL focused on a fundamental question in Technology Enhanced Learning: why are we doing this? In what ways is TEL better than other forms of learning? Many remain suspicious that it isn’t better, so we need good,

Webinar reminder – today at 12:30 (British Summer Time)

A quick reminder that this week’s ocTEL webinar is today – a Tuesday – rather than the usual Wednesday.

In one hour’s time Fernando Rosell-Aguilar will be our guest.

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Fernando is a lecturer in Spanish at the Open University, and will tell us why and how he turned to technology to help enhance his teaching. He’s spent a lot of time developing Open Educational Resources for iTunes U. He will also share with us data about how learners actually use these resources and what this tells us about alternative ways of thinking […]

Welcome to the concluding part of ocTEL – getting personal

Hello all,Just a quick note to mark the fact that we’re now into the final three weeks of ocTEL.If other pressures have meant that you’ve had to ‘sit out’ recent parts of the course, this is an ideal time to re-engage.The first part dealt with the foun…