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Consultant and occasional writer, based in London. Chartered Pscyhologist and CMALT. Overall co-ordinator of ocTEL.

This is an archive of the 2013 version of ocTEL.

Week 8 webinar details and minor changes

Timing and practicalities Please note that next week’s webinar will be on Tuesday 4 June at 12:30pm British Summer Time. As always, we’ll be using Blackboard Collaborate. For help prior to the webinar and some frequently asked questions please visit our help page. To

Some (late) notes on platforms and technologies

With apologies that this is late, which is entirely my fault, here’s Phil Tubman’s take on some of the discussions that took place last week on Platforms and Technologies. Last week there was a lot to do. Participants were advised

Getting the right level of challenge

Continuing our series of featured contributions by ocTEL participants, here Nicola Whitton draws out some points from blogs and forums in the Week 3 activities (which she led). It’s good to see that several of the discussions from ‘past’ weeks

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Featured post: mixing it up and making new links

We’re going to experiment on ocTEL by featuring a few of your contributions to the course each week. These may be posts on blogs, forums or any of the discussion spaces that we track in the Course Reader. These will

Understanding Learners' Needs – Week 2 Wrap-up

The week’s activities began with a good deal of interest and comment relating to the four ‘Readiness questionnaires’. Most comments and posts related to the limitations of this mechanistic approach to identifying learners’ needs. Colleagues identified that differing degrees of self-awareness amongst

Please tell us your expectations of ocTEL

Just a quick reminder that we’d really appreciate your help in telling us what you expect and hope for from ocTEL.Please could you complete the 5-10 minute questionnaire at (or click the big blue button on your next visit to http://…

Keep moving (and skipping, if necessary)

At this stage of the course most of you will have felt at some point that you are “behind” in some way because you have not done all the scheduled activities. There is no such thing as “behind” on ocTEL.

Re: Announcements and list discussion (online learning readiness)


On 24 Apr 2013, at 11:11, Serena Bradshaw wrote:

> Think I must be missing something here. Please help out someone
> Based on your suggestion and quotes I would posit that Digital Literacy as defined by some academics is irrelevant for students who are not in HE: certainly the definition does not encompass the needs of our students. […]

Re: Announcements and list discussion (online learning readiness)

Dear all,Thanks for all your responses so far.Gerry and Sue, you’re doing the right thing by pressing on, and don’t worry about missing the induction period. If you’ve got the hang of communicating with others — and it seems you have — that’s the mai…

Just to pass on this request from +Elizabeth E Charles Could we have a week 2 section in this group, …

David Jennings

Mon, 22 Apr 2013 22:43:44 GMT
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Just to pass on this request from +Elizabeth E Charles Could we have a week 2 section in this group, please?

Hi Elizabeth, the Google+ group is a participant-led initiative (I’m glad to say) and not one that ‘we’ (the ocTEL team) have any control over. So adding a section is up to David Read, Doug Holton or …