Month: November 2012

This is an archive of the 2013 version of ocTEL.

MOOC Badging and the Learning Arc – Cloudworks

Tags: MOOC, OLDS-MOOC, accreditation, Badges, ocTELby: David Jennings

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Course outline – first draft

The ocTEL project team have now had a chance to discuss and digest the results of our survey, and to think about what implications they might have for the course design. The results are most useful in terms of what

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Coursera is not a Panacera | openuct

Tags: Coursera, MOOC, development, DevelopingWorld, SouthAfrica, ocTELby: David Jennings

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Massive Open Online Courses | Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Comments:Summary of the Gates Foundation’s grants for MOOC development – David JenningsTags: MOOC, GatesFoundation, US, Coursera, Desire2Learn, ocTELby: David Jennings

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Keeping MOOCs Open – Creative Commons

Tags: MOOC, open, CreativeCommons, licensing, OER, ocTELby: David Jennings

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How 'Open' are MOOCs? | Inside Higher Ed

Comments:Exposes the confused thinking about what ‘open’ really means in the context of MOOCs, and how many xMOOC providers have quite restrictive terms of service. – David JenningsTags: MOOC, xMOOC, open, OER, Coursera, Udacity, ocTELby: David Jennings

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Rough cut analysis of market research survey

We closed the OCTEL market research survey a couple of days ago — many thanks to all the 140 people who completed it. Tomorrow members of the project team are meeting in London to review the results of this, as

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One Man, One Computer, 10 Million Students: How Khan Academy Is Reinventing Education – Forbes

Tags: KhanAcademy, Udacity, SebastianThrun, ocTELby: David Jennings

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Tech Officials Weigh in on Big Data, MOOCs, and open source | Inside Higher Ed

Tags: MOOC, analytics, LMS, VLE, moodle, ocTELby: David Jennings

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Open Online Education and the Canvas Network | Inside Higher Ed

Comments:A new VLE which is being targeted at people who want to run MOOC-style courses – David JenningsTags: MOOC, VLE, LMS, ocTELby: David Jennings

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