Author: Martin Hawksey
Martin Hawksey is Chief Innovation, Technology and Community Officer for ALT his work is focused on the development of ALT’s member services exploring how connectivist approaches can be used to support the community. This includes the application of data aggregation and dissemination techniques using existing open source platforms such as WordPress.

This is an archive of the 2013 version of ocTEL.

altc2013 building new connections: Notes on integrating Conferencer, BuddyPress, FeedWordPress and MailPress for a conference platform

I’m not entirely sure what this post is. I started writing it on the train down to altc2013 and think it lost its focus between York and Sheffield. Essentially I wanted to write this to highlight some of the benefits of using BuddyPress as a way to capture user activity streams but at the same time some of the challenges of achieving an integrated experience using WordPress. I’ll let you decide it’s value and please feel free to comment (the ‘dirty code’ post will be a lot better).

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Horses for open courses: Making the backend of a MOOC with WordPress #altc2013

On Tuesday (10th September, 2013) I’ll be giving a short presentation at altc2013 on using WordPress as a course platform for ocTEL. I had planned to write more about the actual presentation but instead got lost in how to box an open course.

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EOF/SOF: Building a connectivist conference platform for ALT-C using WordPress (first look)

End of File/Start of File – before another era starts here are the beginnings of a connectivist inspired conference platform for ALT-C 2013 proudly powered by WordPress

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[Presentation] ALT Scotland SIG: ALT’s ocTEL MOOC Experience

Another day, another presentation. Today I’m at ALT Scotland’s SIG highlighting some of the experiences of developing/delivering the ocTEL open course. Slides are embedded below. This is a shorter version of a webinar I gave for ocTEL, a recording of this is here. ALT’s ocTEL MOOC experience: Designing the platform from Martin Hawksey

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[Event] ALT Scotland event – 20th June, Glasgow

On the 20th June I have the pleasure of presenting some of the work around open courses I’ve been doing as part of ocTEL. The event is free and has a great list of other presenters working on open education in Scotland The ALT-Scotland special interest group will be hosting an event on Thursday 20th […]

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Creating a ‘full fat’ RSS feed for Google Gmail labels (enabling some dark social judo)

In this post I want to cover three things. First I want to introduce a little app I’ve developed which allows you to create a RSS feed for any of your Gmail labels (with the option to remove certain links – useful if you don’t want others unsubscribing you from mailing lists). Secondly I explain how it was made and how you can use it yourself. Finally I want to discuss how this could be used in an open course environment, utilising the vast processing power from services like Twitter and reusing there target marketing emails to your benefit with a bit of ‘dark social judo’

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mhawksey: My fav. post from the newsletter> Finding resources, making resources? – I don’t have time! #octel

My fav. post from the newsletter> Finding resources, making resources? – I don’t have time! #octel…

— Martin Hawksey (@mhawksey) May 15, 2013

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mhawksey: Who's in the feedwordpress open course club? #DS106 #FSLT12 #FSLT13 #H817open #edcmooc #Octel #etmooc Others?

Who’s in the feedwordpress open course club? #DS106 #FSLT12 #FSLT13 #H817open #edcmooc #Octel #etmooc Others?— Martin Hawksey (@mhawksey) May 14, 2013

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Opening the intercom with your open course participants: Tracking and engaging students

A quick look at how the intercom customer relationship management tool might fit into open online courses (MOOCs)

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mhawksey: Bit creepy but wondered if suitable model for open courses? #octel

Bit creepy but wondered if suitable model for open courses? #octel— Martin Hawksey (@mhawksey) May 10, 2013

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