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Flexible Learning

Exactly a week ago I was presenting at HEA Flexible learning through professional practice at Bath Spa University Corsham Court Campus.  The place is beautiful!  Worth the long drive from Huddersfield (as much as I love Huddersfield too – do visit, you will be surprised!)  The event was great too.

I was presenting a module re-design to describe how we aspired to create a collaborative and digitally connected learning space.  I am beginning to collect and use learning design models as I think they are helpful to capture an approach.  One of the models I have used came from Oliver, R., Harper, B., Wills, S., Agostinho, S. and Hedberg, J. (2007) Describing ICT-based learning designs that promote quality learning outcomes. In: Beetham, H., and Sharpe, H. (ed) Rethinking Pedagogy for a digital age, Designing and delivering e-learning. Oxon: Routledge, pp. 64-80

Although it looks initially bewildering, it is really just three columns of resources, tasks and support and three rows or phases of the project: prep, doing, reflection.  I hope it is useful to others. It is described as a temporal sequence for role-play based learning designs.


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