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  • HEFCE report: Collaborate to compete – Seizing the opportunity of online learning for UK HE 
    See section 3 – jim pettiward

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Using the web for learning and teaching – a new understanding | Higher Education Network | Guardian Professional

Comments:Interesting thoughts on ‘genres of participation’ from David White (University of Oxford) writing in the Guardian – jim pettiwardTags: literacy, digital literacy, ocTEL, diglitby: jim pettiward

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Developing students’ digital literacy to give them the best chance of success : JISC

Tags: digital literacy, digital, jisc, literacyby: Elizabeth E Charles

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A Great Digital Literacy Skills Continuum for Teachers ~ Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

Tags: digital_literacy, skills, edtech, digital, literacyby: Elizabeth E Charles

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Digital and Media Literacy: A Plan of Action | KnightComm

Highlights and Sticky Notes:The paper focuses on steps to ensure that citizens are equipped with the analytical and communications skills they need to be successful in the 21st century.  It also proposes the integration of digital and media litera…

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