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This is an archive of the 2013 version of ocTEL.

Thoughts in motion

  (Image: Keep the thought in motion – Olimpia Zagnoli) Some strands from ocTEL are beginning to slice together today.  As a course team we are preparing for course planning next month.  We had a useful pre-meeting and have agreed to map out through all the modules of the course some key themes. Three elements […]

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Student Engagement in Online Learning – YouTube

Tags: student, engagement, student engagement, participation, connected, learningby: Roger Harrison

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How to develop student communities

Hi – below is a rather rough comment I sent to Keith Smyth following his Webinar. I’m intrigued how to encourage my students to interact more on online. I would also like to find out more from other people how

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Power Law of Participation – Ross Mayfield

I can’t get Howard Rheingold out of my head! His video ’21st Century Literacies’ seems to be on a loop in my head. • Attention • Participation • Collaboration • Network awareness • Critical consumption This is posting is loosely connected to ocTEL activity 2.1 about exploring colleagues readiness to engage with TEL. I haven’t […]

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Thanks to frangers – thoughts and connections now lost in forums and the ether

Before I started week two I really wanted to gather my thoughts from the first two weeks of this MOOC.  I’m not sure one post is going to do it as there is so much going on. In the induction week we were encouraged to get into small groups for discussions and this lead me […]

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