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This is an archive of the 2013 version of ocTEL.

#ocTEL Designing Active Learning

I am getting very excited after a week of meetings and discussions about the SCALE UP project we are going to be running in the university next year. I have proposed two very different modules for the pilot – one is alread…

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Power Law of Participation – Ross Mayfield

I can’t get Howard Rheingold out of my head! His video ’21st Century Literacies’ seems to be on a loop in my head. • Attention • Participation • Collaboration • Network awareness • Critical consumption This is posting is loosely connected to ocTEL activity 2.1 about exploring colleagues readiness to engage with TEL. I haven’t […]

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#ocTEL Week 1: reflecting on my practice

Well this is timely. In our institution we are just reflecting on module feedback, marking final assignments, planning for the coming year. I am also personally involved in compiling a portfolio for professional recognition.Reflecting on my p…

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#ocTEL – Where MOOCs and MOOCs differ

I have gone through a variety of online learning experiences. I have been part of a focused and tightly designed learning module delivered entirely online, and I have enrolled into several Coursera offerings. On one hand, the closed unit was not a MOOC insofar as it was closed and was made up of a limited …
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