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This is an archive of the 2013 version of ocTEL.


Comments:An article on the outcome of recent experiment in the use of Khan Academy content to teach maths to township children in South Africa. – Elizabeth E Charles Tags: online learning, South African, freely-available, Khan Academy, OER, pdfby: Eliz…

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Ed/ITLib Digital Library → Characteristics of Adult Learners With Implications for Online Learning Design

Tags: adultlearning, learners, learning, online learning, designby: Elizabeth E Charles

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Game Changers in Online Learning: Series | Contact North

Highlights and Sticky Notes:Canada500,000 registrations in online courses.Tags: online learning, open university, recruitmentby: Roger Harrison

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Number of Students Taking an Online Course Continues to Grow | Faculty Focus

Highlights and Sticky Notes:6044437-160967699Tags: infographic, trends, recruitment, online learning, enrollmentby: Roger Harrison

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Open online courses, a MOOC point?

Yesterday, along with some 900 other people, I jumped in and began exploring The Association of Learning Technology’s MOOC. Named ocTEL Open Course in Technology and Learning, ALT describe the course as being “…an online course to help you understand better how to use technology to enhance your teaching practice. The course is aimed primarily at […]

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A New Pedagogy is Emerging…And Online Learning is a Key Contributing Factor | Contact North

Tags: HigherEducation, pedagogy, online learningby: Orla Daly

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