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This is an archive of the 2013 version of ocTEL.

Infographic: Characteristics of a (successful) online student #ocTEL

What is at the core of an online course or a MOOC? You could argue it’s the academic integrity of the materials or learning. It could be the level of student engagement in required activities. I would argue that (even if not at the core, but very close to it) should be the expectations placed […]

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Digital literacies – a bevy of infographics

I was prompted to really think about the term ‘digital literacy’  after the ocTEL webinar this week when HelenB made the specific point about how it was different from technical competence.  Firstly, this was a relief for me as I am far from technically competent.  However, I hadn’t previously considered the significance of the actual words so I […]

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Number of Students Taking an Online Course Continues to Grow | Faculty Focus

Highlights and Sticky Notes:6044437-160967699Tags: infographic, trends, recruitment, online learning, enrollmentby: Roger Harrison

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