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Retention and Intention in Massive Open Online Courses: In Depth (EDUCAUSE Review) | EDUCAUSE.edu

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The research that MOOCs need | George Veletsianos

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Design-Based Research Methods (DBR) | Learning Theories

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educators have been trying to narrow the chasm between research and practice. Part of the challenge is that research that is detached from practice “may not account for the influence of contexts, the emergent and complex nature of outcomes, and the incompleteness of knowledge about which factors are relevant for prediction” (DBRC, 2003).
  • The need to address theoretical questions about the nature of learning in context
  • The need for approaches to the study of learning phenomena in the real world situations rather than the laboratory
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    by: Roger Harrison

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    The Professors Behind the MOOC Hype – Technology – The Chronicle of Higher Education

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