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This is an archive of the 2013 version of ocTEL.

"Improving Student Engagement in Large Survey Courses" by Perry Samson, University of Michigan – YouTube

Comments:Perry Samson is presenting at ALT-C 2013. He is aiming to move classroom teaching on beyond use of clickers to more sophisticated (and also remote) forms of interaction – David JenningsTags: ocTEL, PotentialResource, clickers, classroomby: Dav…

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Learning and the MOOC: Resources

Tags: ocTEL, TEL, MOOC, PotentialResourceby: David Jennings

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Retention and Intention in Massive Open Online Courses: In Depth (EDUCAUSE Review) | EDUCAUSE.edu

Comments:Interesting data shared by Cousera founders, with pointers to further MOOC research – David JenningsTags: MOOC, retention, ocTEL, TEL, PotentialReading, PotentialResource, Coursera, researchby: David Jennings

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The research that MOOCs need | George Veletsianos

Tags: ocTEL, TEL, mooc, evaluation, PotentialReading, PotentialResource, researchby: David Jennings

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MOOCs And The Future Of The Humanities: A Roundtable (Part 1)

Comments:Marvellously savvy discussion of what MOOCs could mean for higher education, which gets into the places that most discussions don’t touch – David JenningsTags: ocTEL, PotentialReading, PotentialResource, humanities, MOOC, TELby: David Jennings

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Rhizomatic Education : Community as Curriculum » Dave's Educational Blog

Tags: rhizomatic, rhizomatic learning, DaveCormier, ocTEL, pedagogy, learning, PotentialResourceby: David Jennings

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Eric Mazur shows interactive teaching – YouTube

Comments:Harvard Physics Professor Eric Mazur demonstrates “Peer Instruction” and “Just-In-Time” teaching techniques. (8 minute YouTube video) – David JenningsTags: ocTEL, HigherEducation, EricMazur, PotentialResource, videoby: David Jennings

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P2PU | School of Open

Tags: creativecommons, open, P2PU, AgileLearning, ocTEL, PotentialReading, PotentialResourceby: David Jennings

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