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This is an archive of the 2013 version of ocTEL.

ocTEL week 3 – 3E Framework (Keith Smyth webinar)

I know ocTEL advise us to keep jogging along and I am already on catch-up from week 7 but I’ve decided to head back to week 3 in order to capture the 3E framework which I think is a brilliant resource.  I have just watched the webinar again and got just a much on the […]

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ocTEL Activity 1.2

Gosh I’ve made heavy weather of this activity.  I found it impossible but thanks to some forum posts I think I can complete in a way that is useful to me.  I did have plans to use the two axes in a spider-diagram style and plot (colour-coded) each of the following: my approach, activities and […]

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