This is an archive of the 2013 version of ocTEL.

ocTEL Activity 1.2

Gosh I’ve made heavy weather of this activity.  I found it impossible but thanks to some forum posts I think I can complete in a way that is useful to me.  I did have plans to use the two axes in a spider-diagram style and plot (colour-coded) each of the following: my approach, activities and assessment tasks – possibly over-thinking it (really?!) or a form of avoidance of committing to a position.

I plotted the given examples onto the grid as per below


I have a strong attraction to the autonomous / social quadrant (1) but do use the quadrants directly above (2: autonomous / individual) and to the right (3: directed / social).  This leaves diagonally opposite (4: directed / individual).  Interesting that the example is teaching machines – the video I could hardly bring myself to watch, just from the title.  The video initially appalled me – it felt like training a dog to sit and seemed to revolve around getting the ‘right’ answer.  It also reminded me of course notes on Illich and schooling.  So I needed a distraction and headed for the comments below and saw that many people had posted very positive memories of these. So I have been reconsidering this quadrant.  Quizzes – I love a quiz but for me this would be social too but I now see that this could be individual too. A way forward – hooray!  I have managed to re-find a relevant resource too.


Onto week 2…?

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