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Information Obesity: Why it’s not just about having too much

In the webinar for week 4 (I think) the term ‘information obesity’ (Andrew Whitworth) made sufficient impact for me to note it down, along with the term info-whelmed (see youtube clip: as I think we really need to give our learners the heads-up on this.  This takes me back (yet again) to Rheingold’s literacies.

This is a great visual from one of his powerpoints on-line:


He goes on to describe the filters we need to make ourselves and learners aware of, describing them as three domains of value: Objective Subjective Inter-subjective

Objective measures of value guard against ‘counterknowledge’ (Thompson 2008)

Subjectivity is how we make information personally relevant and meaningful. 

Intersubjectivity is how we validate information with reference to morals, ethics, community standards.



He goes on to advocate critical, collaborative review of the filters in use through participation in CoP

There are lots of Whitworth  presentations online e.g.


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