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    • Powerful and relevant TEL approaches (Activity 1.0)
      Review the five stories about how technology has enhanced learning. Pick two that interest you. Review the evidence we’ve provided and decide which one you think is more powerful and relevant for you. Write down and share why you feel that way. Then find someone else who has argued for a different example. Discuss with them, and see if you can articulate and settle your differences.
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    • My practice (Activity 1.2)
      Where do your learning activities lie on a matrix of ‘individual to social’ and ‘autonomous to directed’ learning?

      When you have visualised your learning activities using our our learning activity graph, try to imagine how you might shift the activities into another quadrant.

      Put yourself in the shoes of a student on a course you might be teaching, and share your ideas.

      What do you think this says about your teaching approach, and what would you like to do about it? How might technology help, or hinder, you in this.  
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Viewing 2 topics - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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