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    Over the weekend I final found device (laptop) that would enabled me to catch up with the Webnair recordings, as iPad user this has been a problem.

    Diana Laurillard’s definition of the current and future plans (next few years) for TEL in mainstream schools rather struck a resonate note, provide opportunity for reflection of actually what I am, but also my colleagues in one of the departments (Eng’ and Maths) I work are doing. The question I asked are we meeting the current and future TEL, what are the implications for us in terms of the TEL, that is the;

    previous experiences of our future students

    subsequent expectations of our future students

    degree familiarity as subject specialist and educator

    opportunities for subject exploitation in terms of some of the technology

    Therefore my reflections on the department’s progress on Diana’s TEL timeline are:
    Predicted Timeline of TEL
    Eng’ and Maths and TEL

    Time-to-Adoption Horizon: One Year or Less

    To be fair we already do most this in the Dept’ Eng’ and Maths in Faculty of ACES (Arts, Computing, Engineering and Science)

    Bring Your Own Device

    BYOD policy has been applied for years from PDAs 7yrs ago to mobile devices today, students when encouraged to constructively audio record their student learning benefited, Middleton et al (2009)

    Cloud Computing

    Students currently have Institution Google account with Google Drive can access on any device.
    Staff we have intranet Bb content management system

    Mobile Learning

    Colleagues trialed using Socrative app enable students use their phones as education clickers, but students are using their mobiles less innovatively for learning than two years ago, Woodcock et al (2012)

    Online Learning Time-to-Adoption Horizon: Two to Three Years

    To be fair we are doing some of this in the Dept’ Eng’ and Maths in Faculty of ACES

    Electronic Publishing

    Internal Blogs used on some courses to support student learning and literature development.
    Colleagues and myself trialed privately published student video CVs.
    Opportunity for student e-journal of original final year projects.

    Learning Analytics

    Bb stats are available for each module, but you have to view and record every month.   High student on-line Bb engagement correlates to higher phase test score, Nortcliffe, 2005.

    Open Content

    Most us adapt open resources
    Some colleagues still have pre-2000 personal institution web sites, distribute learning resources.
    Bb however limits us little offering.
    I am blogging for staff and students on mobile apps for learning.
    Good students who are organized in their learning, self autonomous maybe should be encouraged to enroll on MOOCs to challenge their learning further.

    Personalized Learning

    Students presently use analogue and digital mediums to self organise their learning, log books.
    However Flipboard has potential to help student collate current on-line resources, Mendeley to collate and store (cloud) their references, Colwiz to enable management of final year and MEng Projects.

    Time-to-Adoption Horizon: Four to Five Years

    To be fair we are doing some of this in the Dept’ Eng’ and Maths in Faculty of ACES

    3D Printing

    We already have facilities in part of department subject area, but opp’ for other subject areas to look and identify opp’ for learning.

    Augmented Reality

    We have the flight simulator
    However, 3D cave (if finically viable) could provide opp’ for all subject areas.
    Jaguar Land Rover use 3D cave to explore inside their designs.

    Virtual and Remote Laboratories

    Labview lends itself in particular to this development, previous final year project I supervised proved the concept, therefore opp’ for all.
    Wearable Technology

    Opp’ for creating joint synergies projects in the Faculty of Arts, computing, engineering and science.

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