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Timely, Effective Assessment and Feedback (Week 6)

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    • Critique of assessment approaches (Activity 6.0)
      List and critique up to three different assessment approaches available on online courses. Select one type of online assessment suitable for your course and consider the following questions:
      • How does the assessment align with the course learning outcomes?
      • What kind of feedback would the learner receive and how would this contribute to her progress
      • Which technologies would support this?
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    • Reading and reflection (Activity 6.1)
      Read pages 5 - 25 of Effective Assessment in a Digital Age (JISC, 2010), then consider the following questions.
      • How does your assessment approach(es) align with the four teaching and learning perspectives (page 11)?
      • How does your assessment approach(es) align with the twelve REAP (Re-Engineering Assessment Practices) principles of effective formative and feedback (page 15)?
      • How would you describe your  assessment design from the manager's, practitioner's and  learner's perspectives (page 17-22)?
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      Stephen Brown

    • Discussion (Activity 6.3)
      Please share your thoughts on
      • What is your own experience of feedback (either as a tutor or as a student) in technology enhanced or online programmes?
      • How can we ensure that students engage with, and act on, in a timely manner the feedback provided?
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