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Activity 4.3: Creating your own material

Have a look at one of the following tools (choose one you are not already familiar with) and consider its application in your context:

Cmap (click the small document and tool icons)
Camtasia or Jing

Please respond to at least one of the following questions:
  • How easy was it to understand how this tool worked?
  • How quickly and easily would you find it to use?
  • How could you apply this tool in your own teaching?
  • What does this tool offer that has advantages over your current practice?

I would have liked to explore Xerte or Glomaker, however like my colleagues reflecting in the ocTEL forums, I too am constrained by the securities and permissions regarding installing non institutionally supported technology on my work PC.

Screencast-o-matic certainly looks like a good tool, thank, Jim, Sue and others for your feedback as a users. I like the interface and found it intuitive and easy to use. I like the option of distribution via an existing YouTube account and the change to either share publicly or unlisted. If we didn't have an alternative then this is likely to be the freeby for me.

Fortunately we have a screen capture software (Echo360) in pilot so we will have an institutionally supported equivalent. Our capture recordings are uploaded into an authenticated environment so at the moment the default is private. Our intention is to have the option to create public viewable resources soon.

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