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Week 0: Introduction

Well, I’m about a month behind, but today’s Webinar with Keith Smyth included a reminder not to worry about feeling “behind”, so I’m going to make a start today and at least work my way through the “If you only do one thing…” tasks.

JanetWho am I? I’m Janet and I suppose you could say I’m a perpetual learner. I’ve been studying formally or informally, on- or offline, since I left school. I’ve been learning online since I was given a modem and dialled up to download text files by FTP and read email mailing lists (offline) to teach myself HTML and find out more about this new fangled thing called the World Wide Web.

am a serial MOOC enrolled, but non-completer. Even getting as far as writing this post means I’ve taken a big step forward to participation!

I work as a Blended Learning Facilitator, supporting and developing academics in their use of technology in their teaching. I also teach occasionally, not nearly often enough.

Now that I’m no longer up to my neck in coursework, just before I’m drowning in my dissertation, it’s time find out what I’ve missed, explore the course materials and enjoy other people’s posts.

Blended Learning Facilitator / Lecturer at London Met

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