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This is an archive of the 2013 version of ocTEL.

#ocTEL MOOC (week 2 Webinar) Eventually, it's wise to distinguish the driver from the traveller!

This week, for the first time since the beginning of this course, I can attend the webinar. The connexion is easy and the environment is rather well designed. We have a sense of the audience (about 50 people), the moderators are active, the chat is liv…

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#ocTEL MOOC (week 2 A22) Some thoughts about adult learning

Adult learning is one of the issues addressed by the theme of #ocTEL week 2. I have read some of the material which emphasizes principles for a successful organisation of teaching to adults. Not surprisingly, we find as a major difference with children…

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#ocTEL MOOC (week 2 A21) Prerequisites for attending a MOOC

The topic of the week is “Understanding learners needs”, which in my opinion is better expressed by understanding the prerequisites for enrolling potentially successfully in a (Massive Open) On-line Course. Four questionnaires are suggested to get a fi…

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#ocTEL Understanding Learners’ Needs – Week Two in the course

Week Two of the ocTEL course and this week the material is looking at the needs of learners. I find this an interesting yet challenging topic because it is so diverse. It is however, probably the most important aspect of

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