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This is an archive of the 2013 version of ocTEL.

Are your students ready to study in an online or blended learning environment? | LTiA Issue 16 | CeLT | MMU

Highlights and Sticky Notes:

This proved to be quite difficult as the problems experienced by students studying totally online are different to those who are having face-to-face as well as online experiences
  • I wonder what you meant that the problems are different? – Roger Harrison
These quizzes attempt to personalise the resource to a particular student’s needs rather than requiring them to spend time locating resources within the website as a whole
  • wow I really like this – how the support then offered is informed by the answer the student gives in the quiz to their readyness – Roger Harrison

It is hoped that future developments will include:

  • Collaboration with departments/faculties to provide links to additional resources that have been

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UK firm paid bribes to sell Iraqis toxic fuel additive | Exclusive | Business | The Guardian

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