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This is an archive of the 2013 version of ocTEL.


I’ve been involved with the launch and re-launch of two networks (or communities of practice?) at Leeds this week and last week: the re-launch of the Learning Technologists Network, lead by James Little (fellow blogger, ocTEL participant, and Sheffielder!); and the (soft) launch of the Online Distance Learning Network for …

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constructivism and communities of practice #ocTEL activity 1.1

Not getting on so well with the activities this week, at least with completing the tasks. I’ve found watching the videos and reading the resources really interesting, but have struggled to get round to producing anything from it. But then I read the following about Constructionism on the Moodle Philosophy …

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Reading & some thoughts collated:

 One of the links in the OcTEL orientation resources takes you to this publication.  As it is a whole book don’t even think about pressing ‘print’!  Transforming Higher Education Through Technology Enhanced Learning Publication Date: 23-12-2009 Available at http://www.heacademy.ac.uk/resources/detail/learningandtech/transforming_he_through_technology_enhanced_learning It is in 3 sections – the first two of which I have skipped over in […]

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