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Rhizomatic learning

Ive just come across the idea of rhizomatic learning in Dave Cormier’s Blog here This is what he says:

Edtechtalk and community – 2005
In 2005 Jeff Lebow and I started edtechtalk. We started a live webcast about educational technology and about the possibilities of the new crazy things that were coming out. What to do about youtube? or Moodle? or or…What i discovered was that, simply by engaging in random discussions with new people we happened upon – I was learning. I was starting to come to grips with new ideas. I seemed to have answers to questions when i was in meetings.

Rhizomes 2006
This lead me to new ideas about what it meant to learn and what it meant to know. Rhizomatic learning, in the sense that I mean it, was something i started talking about. I will not bore you with that here, but it very much came to me as a way of understanding what kind of learning was happening in the edtechtalk community. What i would now, six years later, call teaching with and for uncertainty.

I wonder if that’s what’s meant to be happening/could be happening within the ocTEL MOOC? Im certainly reading lots of stuff that I wouldn’t normally come across  but its too early to decide whether its all gelling just yet.

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