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This is an open post.  I'm including my train of thought.  If the Blogger system lets me, I will allow unmoderated posts in response to this post.  If it doesn't, I'll simply allow them all.  I'm going to write another post after this to demonstrate what happens when something isn't open.

I am going to include a Creative Commons license on this post.  It can be used with modification.  The idea of using an open post and a closed post on a blog to illustrate open and closed - it's out there.  Use it.  Steal it.  Have it.  Change it.

Knowledge is open.  It is free.  Mathematics is available for anyone to learn.  Science.  Languages.  Knowledge is not sequestered and used as a control, like during the dark ages.  Granted, some knowledge is kept from us, but that's probably best all around.  Yet, I bet, if one looks hard enough, one can find the forbidden fruit, too.

I prefer an open system to a closed system.

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