This is an archive of the 2013 version of ocTEL.

#ocTEL Week 10 – Activity 10.3 What do you think about ocTEL?

Revisiting the big TEL Questions…

At the start of ocTEL I wrote the following blog post around the BIG technology enhanced learning questions.

I was concerned with the wider questions around:

  • Political changes in the education system
  • Change occurring in society (e.g. technology)
  • Interpreting and understanding how these affect both the process and purpose of education, UK and WorldWide.

I also mentioned the hype cycle of the MOOC and wanting to participate more/experience a MOOC firsthand.

Taking part and observing others discussions around their big questions highlights positive benefits of this activity taking place within a MOOC… It can all be shared, take place in the open and benefit from a wider sharing of ideas in an open space.

It seems that most of the big questions discussed reiterated similar concerns, ideas and opportunities to move forward everyone’s thinking and experience of these.

I’m not sure that my questions have been answered just the amount of knowledge and further, smaller questions for insight have been generated collaboratively and shared with a wide variety of people..

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