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Are you lost?

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    David Jennings

    Thank you for this, Jo, and sorry for the slow reply. We have looked into the options for restructuring the forums. It is possible to switch it so that the newest post comes first, and it’s possibly to have more contributions per page. It’s not possible automatically to break contributions into threads on separate pages (we just have the subtle threading in the way the contributions are presented within the page).

    I think the issue you experienced was acute last week when there was one very active forum, with lots of contributions per topic. This week, there are fewer contributions in total, and they are distributed more evenly over a number of topics (participants now seem to be more used to creating new topics, which aids navigation). Thus none of the topics actually extend over more than one page. Hopefully that means that one of the problems that was confusing you is no longer occurring.

    We think it might add to the confusion to switch the order of posts suddenly, so that, instead of reading top to bottom, you read bottom to top.

    So after some consideration, we’ve decided to leave things as they are for now, but keeping an eye on the issue. Happy to discuss this further if that would be helpful.

Viewing 16 post (of 16 total)
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