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Understanding Learners' Needs (Week 2)

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    • Readiness for online learning (Activity 2.0)
      Complete two or three of the questionnaires depending on the time you have available and make a list of the characteristics they have in common. Publish this list and add a short comment/reflection, considering how the questionnaires:
      • can help us plan to introduce learners to online learning and TEL,
      • accurately identify your readiness, and
      • how you might use them with your own students.
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    • 11 years, 1 month ago

      James Little

    • Learner expectations (Activity 2.1)
      Find a colleague or someone else you know who has limited experience of online learning and TEL and discuss the following topics with them.
      • Using the ‘readiness for online learning’ themes that you identified in the previous activity, discuss the extent to which they feel ready to engage with TEL.
      • What expectations and concerns do they have about using TEL?
      • Do these expectations resonate with your experience of this course?
      Note: this activity does not require you to publish or discuss your exchange with your colleague, but you can if you wish.
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    • 11 years, 1 month ago

      James Kerr

    • Researching themes in learner needs (Activity 2.2)
      Pick one or two of the themes below. First review some of the resources and what they have to say about the theme(s).
      1. The nature of adult learning and implications for practice (tags: ocTEL, adultlearning)
      2. Studies of online expectations and ‘readiness’ (tags: ocTEL, readiness)
      3. Implications of digital literacy (tags: ocTEL, diglit)
      4. Implications for your teaching approach/delivery and implementation (tags: ocTEL, delivery)
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    • 11 years, 1 month ago

      James Little

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