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Evaluating TEL and reflection (Week 10)

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    • The Whys and Hows of evaluation (Activity 10.0)
      Using the headings below (either in a list or as a table)  reflect on the different ways you have come across for evaluating the effectiveness and impact of TEL. What are the advantages and disadvantages of each approach?
      • What do you need to know? e.g. how learners rated the support and how this differed according to their circumstances or demographics
      • What evaluation methods could help you find out? e.g. online survey
      • What advantages do these methods have? e.g. easy to collect information from large of people
      • What disadvantages do these methods have? e.g. often require incentives to increase response rates, disaffected learners may be less likely to respond
      Read Evaluating Technology Supported Learning from Edinburgh Napier University. Compare the methods you have identified with what the authors have suggested.
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    • Revisit case study (Activity 10.2)
      If you developed a case study in Week 9, add in a section on how you evaluated the effectiveness and impact of the project, and re-publish the case study. If you have not developed a case study, you can use a different example instead.
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    • Reflections on ocTEL (Activity 10.3)
      We started the course 11 weeks ago by thinking about one big question and we hope that you have kept in mind what it was for you. As part of the final activity for the course, we’d like to encourage you to revisit your ‘big TEL question’ and see how your view of it has been changed and reframed by the course (and indeed whether it it still the same!). Share your thoughts on your blog or via Twitter (using #ocTEL tag), on the original forum post if you made one or here.
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