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    The Evaluation Process

    What do you need to know?
    – did the course participants learn enough about the subject to pass?
    – were the materials presented effectively?
    – was the support provided sufficient?
    – were there any issues with the technology?
    – usability of the delivery methods?

    What evaluation methods could help you find out?
    – online survey
    – quizzes throughout the course to test retention of knowledge
    – post course follow up survey on the phone
    – usage data analysis

    What advantages do these methods have?
    – can be used to monitor as the course progresses
    – easy to administer

    What disadvantages do these methods have?

    – not everyone will fill in a survey

    – students might not feel they can be honest about the experience
    – questions need to be very specific

    – qualitative data may be difficult to compare
    – need to be structured

    Reading the Edinburgh Napier University’s list of methods it is clear evaluation in this area requires consideration of the views of all the stakeholders and that should include the constructors, designers and supporters of the technology. The evaluation should be structured and be specific to the type of technology in use.

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