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Which learning styles do we support with e-learning?

Which learning styles do we support with e-learning?

Reflect on whether you accommodate these learning styles in your teaching practice.

Do the technologies you use help you achieve this? If so, how? Or do they hinder it?
What tools relate to the quadrants of the diagram? Does the situation change if the activity is accessed from a mobile, or done ‘in the field’?

What other types of technology works well with activities in these quadrants? For example, where do classroom clickers (mentioned in the Eric Mazur story in Week 1) belong? What about social media?
Source: Week 5 - If you only do one thing... 

To deal with one axis (of a Kolb diagram) at a time:

  • In education, we often work to a model of view-then-do.
  • On the other axis, in a traditional classroom style, teacher exposition provides the theory to be grasped while the experience is provided in exercises.