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Why You Tube more than Rocks it is Accessible

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    Imogenbertin highlights that You Tube search engine for identifying learning resources certainly one of most user-friendly resources and valuable resource for learning.

    In terms of TEL generation it is also a valuable tool for distributing video learning resources. Three reasons that I found ideal medium for posting geenrated video learning resources:

    1. Students and staff can post videos as public or private. The latter certainly ideal if you wish to be able to control the distribution of the video.

    2. The video can be embedded or hyperlinked in the intranet, internet or VLE.

    3. The most improtant feature of You Tube is its accessbility fulfillment of Employability Disability Act for learning, Google has embedded on You Tube an automativc sub-title facility, that produces sub-titles live as the video is played. So there is no-longer a need for post video production costs to embed sub-titles into videos in order to ensure learning material is accessible for all.

    The latter enables to you to play video in lectures, and ensure that the video is accessible to all.

    You Tube video on how to switch on sub-titles:

    Other learning resources do need to learn from Google in understanding and applying IT solutions for the bigger picture.


    Great post! I should have written that!


    I love YouTube private links and I use them for video feedback too. The Firefox add-on downloadhelper is also great for downloading YouTube videos to your computer so that you can view offline in the real world where the Internet is never “always-on”.


    However one caveat – the automatic subtitling still isn’t that great in terms of accuracy. What is *really* clever is that if you have a transcript of the video, then YouTube will match it brilliantly to the soundtrack. And uploading the transcript (if it’s a video you want public) means it becomes easier to find through Google and other search engines.



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