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Sorry to miss final webinar…

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    Just wanted to thank all the other participants and the team… I’m unable to attend any of the webinars due to work commitments but I have watched all the recordings and I wanted to say before the final webinar, how much I’ve enjoyed the interaction with the other participants over the past few weeks on this forum and how frustrating it is not to be able to interact through the webinars.

    Would also appreciate if anyone gets the chance if they could ask in the webinar… How might OcTEL participation work with CMALT? I’m registered for CMALT but I put it on hold while I was doing this. Planning to move on to starting the portfolio next week…

    Also I was wondering how people feel about the whole self-assigned badge thing. I just don’t feel comfortable awarding myself a badge. I think it’s totally open to abuse and that they won’t really be valued. For some (gremlin?) reason although I have made a lot of posts I don’t appear on the participants page at all.

    If I was checking me out for employment or collaboration, and wondering whether the OcTEL badge meant anything, I’d quickly assume my participation was just a signup (for free) and not quite a lot of hard work and scheduling (read… getting up very early as I work late shift, and lumberjacking trees to improve my broadband connection) just to take part at all in this excellent learning experience!

    All the best


    James Little

    Hi Imogen,

    A really insightful thought about the badges aspect of ocTEL.  It’s been great being a participant and tutor on this course and hearing your thoughts.




    Thank you for highlighting CMALT it looks very useful.  I will try to add your question to the seminar if it doesn’t come up in the presentation.  I am quite happy awarding myself a badge – it must be the girl guide in me!  I know I’ve earned it and would be happy to expand / demonstrate it.  I’m not expecting it to carry any esteem – I agree others have the right to be sceptical but I will accept it. 



    Imogen – I understand your ambivalence re the badge I would much prefer an attendance certificate but will take what is on offer. Your insights and ideas on the various issues covered has been helpful to me in reassessing my practice and views so thank you.



    Hi Imogen

    Sorry that you can’t join us, but I will make sure your comments are fed into the discussion. I’m hoping for lots of interaction with participants and I’m sure  CMALT and badges will be relevant to many.



    David Jennings

    Hi Imogen,

    Just to answer on the CMALT part of your post. We are currently mapping CMALT into ocTEL and are aiming to provide guidance to future participants about how they can make use of ocTEL in order to gain CMALT in future iterations of the course. This will start with a blog post on the mapping that I’ll write next week.

    This time around ocTEL has provided us with a great learning opportunity and has provided input into the development of CMALT as well. Providing credible accreditation is high on our wishlist for future runs of ocTEL, and your comments are very helpful in shaping that – thanks!

    all the best, David

    Jillian Pawlyn

    I too have enjoyed the MOOC and the webinar recordings, I used these as the time difference is too great for me to conveniently join in live.

    I echo Jo re the girl guide badge opinion and would be happy to award myself a badge, but my employer wants to see the certificate so they can see how I have been spending my work time 🙂

    I am definitely interested in CMALT so I will look out for that one 🙂

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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