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    • Learning tools and styles (Activity 5.0)
      Respond to some of these questions.
      • Reflect on whether you accommodate the learning styles described by Kolb in your teaching practice. Do the technologies you use help you achieve this? If so, how? Or do they hinder it?
      • What tools relate to the quadrants of the diagram? Does the situation change if the activity is accessed from a mobile, or done ‘in the field’?
      • What other types of technology works well with activities in these quadrants? For example, where do classroom clickers (mentioned in the Eric Mazur story in Week 1) belong? What about social media?
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    • 10 years, 9 months ago


    • Course dimensions (Activity 5.1)
      • Which of the four considerations (logistical, practice based, pedagogical, participation) in the Hill et al (2012) paper is the biggest driver towards your adoption and choice of technology?
      • How do these dimensions change each time you run the course and what effects does this have on technology choices (e.g. ‘scale/capacity’ of certain activities for class size, physical location of activity)?
      • How does this relate to the learning activity dimensions you may have identified in Activity 1.2?
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    • 10 years, 9 months ago

      James Kerr

    • Real-time conferencing (Activity 5.2)
      Use this forum topic to share practice in using synchronous online classroom technology — for example, Adobe Connect, Blackboard Collaborate (which we use for ocTEL webinars), Cisco WebEx, Google Hangouts or even Skype — such as effective use of the available tools or ‘netiquette’.
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      James Kerr

    • Discussion (Activity 5.2)
      Please address some of these questions, thinking about how you use your learning environment.
      • What is your current virtual learning environment or the main technology you use?
      • How does it differ from the ocTEL platform? What learning styles does it afford that ocTEL cannot? Where is it restrictive?
      • Is it ‘open’ in the sense that you can develop or configure tools that fit your pedagogy (e.g. the learning styles above), or does it command a certain pedagogy?
      • What are the wider implications of enforced platforms and technologies for higher education?
      • How can your learning platform promote inclusion?
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    • 10 years, 9 months ago

      Ted O’Neill

    • Open Source (Activity 5.3)
      Apply your thinking about pedagogical approaches and platforms to recent cultural changes in the way learning in Higher Education is offered, such as the rise of the MOOC platform. For example, in the case of the Coursera, or this course:
      • Do they force a certain pedagogical approach? If so, what are the benefits or drawbacks of that?
      • What difference would it make if the platform were Open Source?
      • How does it differ from past initiatives for open content such as iTunes U or Khan Academy (mentioned in Week 4)?
      • How does open content differ from open education?
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      James Kerr

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