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    • Risk assessment (Activity 9.1)
      Look at the elements of a Risk Log below and consider how would you complete one using your previous project example. Make some notes under each heading.
      • Category — e.g. skills, staffing, management, resources
      • Risk — presented in a structured format
        • Condition — ‘There is a risk that…’
        • Cause — ‘Caused by…’
        • Consequence — ‘Resulting in…’
      • Likelihood — What is the likelihood/ probability of the risk occurring?e.g. using a scale of 1-5, where 1 is Very Low and 5 is Very High
      • Impact — What will the impact be if the risk occurs? e.g. using a similar scale as Likelihood
      • RAG Status — RAG (Red, Amber, Green) status, based on the product of the probability and impact
      • Risk Management Approach/Mitigating Actions — What are the agreed response actions?
      • Early Warning Signs — What ‘trigger’ might alert you to the fact that the risk is about to occur?
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    • Planning (Activity 9.2)
      Have a look at Jisc’s Project Management guidance. Please describe the methodology you have used for one of your projects (ideally the same example as in the other activities this week) including:
      • What steps did you take?
      • Who were your stakeholders?
      • What resources were used?
      Reflect on what could have been done better in the planning stages to improve the project outcomes. Think about what tools and techniques were used to assist with planning and their effectiveness.
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    • Case study (Activity 9.3)
      Combine the outputs from the previous activities in order to create a case study about your project. Your case study should include:
      • Description of the project
      • Methodology (taken from Activity 9.2)
      • Key successes and failures (taken from the first activity)
      • What you would do differently if you had to do it again. (perhaps reflect on the mitigating steps you identified in Activity 9.1).
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