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#ocTEL elearning readiness survey. Interesting exercise this week – I just took 3 e-learning readiness…

Jane Challinor Mon, 22 Apr 2013 11:45:52 GMT - Community
#ocTEL elearning readiness survey.

Interesting exercise this week - I just took 3 e-learning readiness surveys. (see for example:

First impressions - these were useful in getting me to think about whether e-learning was the right path: for example, how much time did I have available, what was my motivation, how computer literate am I. But in addition they all had in common questions about learning styles and time management skills which I guess implies that these characteristics are highly prized in distance/e-learning students.

They also had in common a scoring system that was not explained. So in one I scored 45, in another 50, and in the third 11. All said I was a great candidate for e-learning (yay!) but I don't know what the scale was....

I think this type of exercise could be useful in getting students to think about the e-learning process ahead of signing up - particularly if feedback was more specific - e.g: "you said you prefer to meet with tutors face to face - this isn't an option on this course so you may want to consider whether this could be a major drawback for you...."

I teach a face to face course with some e-learning elements and do use a  questionnaire to gauge students' computer literacy before and after the module. I could definitely improve my questionnaires to include some elements form those I have just looked at - particularly around self organisation

These pre-course "readiness" self assessments also made me wonder whether we shouldn't use something similar with all students on conventional courses as I am pretty sure that some do not appear prepared for the experience! :)

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