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June 25, 2013
ocTEL has finished but for now we are still collections community content. If you no longer want to receive these emails please
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Week 10 webinar recording now available

June 24, 2013

Thanks to everyone who took part in ocTEL’s webinar last week.

If you missed all or part of the week 10 webinar, the materials from the session are now available on the Course Materials page, which also has links to materials from each of the previous live webinars.

ocTEL is over, long live ocTEL

June 24, 2013

Please forgive the slightly self-important title, but what we wanted to let everyone know is that, while the first run of the course is over, ocTEL will continue to be available for a variety of purposes:

  • participate — existing participants can keep doing the course activities, posting on their blogs or the course forums until further notice (we stopped taking new registrations a couple of weeks ago);
  • access — the course materials will remain available on this site until such time as we want to repurpose the site for another run of the course (then they will be archived in another accessible location);
  • remix — all the materials we’ve originated are available for re-use under a CC-BY licence, and we’re interested to hear how they can be made more useful for re-uses.

To take each specific component of the course, here are our current plans, which are subject to change in the light of feedback and experience.

  • Forums — these will continue to operate, and you can post and reply to new topics as you have throughout the course, until further notice — into the summer until such time are they are no new posts or we get a spam problem, at which point they may be frozen.
  • Email list — this has been quiet for some time, so we’re likely to retire it in a week, at which point we’ll clear the list of subscribers, but the archive of messages will remain available.
  • Course reader and daily newsletter — we will keep these going while they are still serving a purpose: that is, while there are still a meaningful number of new posts to bring to participants’ attention, however long that proves to be. Read more >>
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