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Problem based learning

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    I can relate problem based learning to my learning as I very ‘puzzled’ (page 2 of the paper) or what I would describe as ‘curious’ about lots of things and that often drives me to learn.
    I think the idea of anchoring the source or stimulus to an authentic task relates to well to designing TEL as a variety of examples are often provided on line for the students giving them the opportunity to choose the stimulus in line with their own experience. If you look at my recent learning experience in exercise 3.0, I described how presentation and discussion formed part of my recent learning. If the discussion hadn’t related to my experience I wouldn’t have been stimulated to learn. The element of reflection was also included and again this relates to elements such as this discussion forum online. This arena also allows me to identify my own lack of knowledge in certain areas, own and create the goals I want to set and analyse  my success and failure. These all relate to problem based learning and my experience to date in the MOOC.

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