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    Hi Imogen,

    This was the information I was sent on the EdcMooc. Its missing how many completed but I could probably find out from the edcmooc fb page.
    EDCMooc Stats – these were posted as the official stats but I’m not sure how scientific they are but interesting nonetheless.
    Total Registered Participants: 42874Active Participants Over the Last 7 Days (“Active” is define as any contact with the EDCMOOC Coursera course site): ~ 17%EDC MOOC News (Blog Aggregator) Unique Visitors: ~10%Visitors to the EDCMOOC News page come ~65% from the USA and ~ 8% from the UK.Other stats about this MOOC:For about 70% of the group, this is their first MOOC. About half are currently enrolled on only one MOOC.About 24% of respondents from the USA, ~ 9% from the UK, ~ 6% come from Spain, and ~ 3% from both India and Greece.About 60% of respondents come either from “teaching and education” or report themselves to be “students”. Just over 60% of the entire respondent group have postgraduate level qualifications, and a further ~35% have a university or college degree.
    Interestingly the Gamification MOOC I’m doing now which ran last September had over 82000 enroll but only 8100 approx achieved the 70% pass rate. Peer marking was mentioned as one of the reason why some dropped out.

    James Little

    Great to replies to this thread. May be worth coming back to during our other activities in order to reflect on if/how we’ve moved on since the initial activities.

    I’m determined to ‘complete’ this MOOC – as like imogenbertin I’d intended to start the EDC Mooc but other things took over.

    Whilst it’s good to start thinking about BIG questions – I’d echo Imogen’s point about wanting to get a  head round the MOOC setup and evolve the questions over time.


    Hi Everyone,
    I’ve really enjoyed reading everyone’s postings on this thread about MOOCs old and new!
    I agree with James’ comments on keeping up this thread, I’m enjoying reading everyone’s thoughts.
    It’s good to hear James say ‘I intend to complete this MOOC!’ as it’s  reminded me to keep on going.
    It was interesting to see Alison Christie’s posting with the stats on the EDC MOOC.  This was the  40, 000 + MOOC I started, but didn’t manage to complete, which was a shame I think.
    Part of the reason was that I’d signed up for two MOOCs at the same time (yes, I didn’t have a clue!).
    Doing one MOOC is challenging enough, let alone two at the same time.
    Ultimately, I carried on with the Equine Nutrition MOOC (also on Coursera) and had to drop out of the EDC one, I just couldn’t find the time.
    I found Imogen Bertin’s postings interesting as I found that the Equine Nutrition MOOC did have the weekly lectures to watch, hand outs and then a weekly Quiz ( a practice one and a real one).  I’m wondering now if the structured approach made it more do-able – whilst still trying to squeeze it into lunch times and Sunday morning.
    Anyway, off now to start week 1 core reading or is that viewing? Wish me luck!

Viewing 3 posts - 16 through 18 (of 18 total)
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