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Re: #ocTEL Re: Understanding Learners’ Needs: Activity 2.1

HiThank you for the responses to my earlier post which may well be labelled flabbergastergate! It is interesting to see how the post has been interpreted and I wholeheartedly agree with the responses that we should make no assumptions about what our le…

Understanding Learners’ Needs: Activity 2.2

Activity 2.2: Researching themes in learner needs

(45 mins reading and assimilating; 45 mins writing and discussing; 45 mins finding more resources)

Consider one or more of these four themes:

1. The nature of adult learning and implications for practice (tags: ocTEL, adultlearning)
2. Studies of online expectations and ‘readiness’ (tags: ocTEL, readiness)
3. Implications of digital literacy (tags: ocTEL, diglit)
4. Implications for your teaching approach/delivery and implementation (tags: ocTEL, delivery) […]

Re: Understanding Learners’ Needs: Activity 2.1

HiAfter posting this message about the activity I then had a meeting with one of my students on the PGCert for teaching and learning. She is a lecturer at my institution, lets call her Susie…Our PGCert is blended with most content being online and so…

Re: Greetings from Gloucestershire

Hi Maggie and Welcome to ocTEL,Don’t worry about being a later starter, there are lots of activities and lots of discussion streams but we don’t expect you to engage in every way, you’ll find your preferred place. There is a great blog post by one of t…

Understanding Learners’ Needs: Activity 2.1

Hello everyone

We hope you enjoyed yesterday’s webinar with our guest expert Helen Beetham. If you missed it you can catch up by listening to the recording. Helen introduced us to a range of tools in the Elluminate room which made the session very interactive and engaging.
It’s good to see some discussions of the forum for Activity 2.1: Learner expectations. If you don’t have time to login to the ocTEL site and prefer to discuss here, the focus of this activity is… […]

Announcements and list discussion (online learning readiness)

Hi everyoneJoin our weekly webinar at 12.30 British Summer Time today. If you haven’t been to a live session before, don’t worry. There’ll be a short introduction and networking session at the start as well as time to familiarise yourself with the plat…