Week 0 webinar recording now available

10/04/2013 in Course information

Thanks to everyone who took part in ocTEL’s first weekly webinar this afternoon.

If you missed all or part of the week 0 webinar, the materials from the session are now available at the links below:

Webinar Recording [skip to 1:42 in the recording for the beginning of the session]

Webinar Presentation by Diana Laurillard

Webinar Chat

Everything is also available on the Course Materials page, which we will update weekly with materials from each live webinar.

Join us next Wednesday at 12:30 BST for the week 1 webinar on TEL concepts and approaches. Check the Course Materials page later this week for more information.



4 responses to Week 0 webinar recording now available

  1. Over in the ocTEL Google+ community, John Graves has posted this two-minute whizz-through of Diana’s presentation, using slidespeech. Obviously it doesn’t it doesn’t capture all of Diana’s points, but it will help you decide if you want to devote time to watching the presentation in full.

  2. The link to the post is: https://plus.google.com/100772331866826784248/posts/iXxAsVZqTGU

    Here is a quick SlideSpeech presentation explaining how to make such a link directly to a Google+ post: http://slidespeech.com/s/aBAGDSGVen?autoplay=true

  3. I have attempted to play the recording on my IPad here in Australia but receive the following message…

    Sorry; there is no suitable playback format for this recording on your current device.

    Any ideas?

  4. Craig, I’m afraid the webinars don’t work on iPads. For more details see the webinar help and particularly the discussion of accessibility of webinars.

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