ocTEL Week 1 Webinar

12/04/2013 in Course information

Join our weekly webinar at 12.30 on Wednesday 17 April, via Blackboard Collaborate 11.

You can access the Week 1 webinar via this link (please note the session will not be live until Wednesday morning).

This week’s webinar

This week’s webinar has two parts. First, there will be a short introduction and networking session, allowing participants to introduce themselves and raise any questions. The main presentation will be led by Liz Masterman, Academic IT Services, University of Oxford. Liz will draw together some of the key themes that have emerged from her research interviews with lecturers, staff developers and learning technologists, in which she explored the different ways in which they engage with technology-enhanced learning. These themes include the role of theory, accommodating students’ varied needs and preferences, reusing and sharing learning materials, and the relationship between institutional and grass-roots initiatives in promoting TEL. In the discussion that will follow Liz’s presentation, participants will be encouraged to reflect on the relevance of each theme to their own practice.

About the presenter

Liz Masterman is a Senior Researcher in the Academic IT Services group at the University of Oxford. She has been conducting research into lecturers’ engagement with digital technologies in both HE and FE since 2004, primarily in the fields of learning design and open educational resources. She has also led two investigations into the student digital experience, which additionally included eliciting the perspectives of academic staff. Liz was a trustee of ALT from 2009-2012.

We will make the recording of this session available via the Course Materials page on the ocTEL website.

Webinar help and FAQ’s

For help prior to the webinar and some frequently asked questions please visit our help page.

If you have any questions contact octel-tech@alt.ac.uk.

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