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  2. Hi, I’m still a bit confused about postings etc. I’ve been using my own blog which I think is linked in to the Course Reader and I’ve been opening up other peoples postings on the course reader too. I’m also ok using the Forums.

    But from the OcTEL Daily newspaper, I’ve noticed that some people seem to be posting into what appears to be another blog space somewhere directly on the OcTEL website – when I open the link from the newspaper, the students comments/posting opens up directly on the website.

    I’m just a bit confused – sorry!



  3. Hello Roger, Firstly, apologies for the delay in responding to your confusion – somehow your comment slipped through the net. Secondly, to clarify, I hope:

    • The only people able to post onto the ocTEL blog are members of the ocTEL team (me, Anna Davidge, Martin Hawksey, Maren Deepwell, Rachel Harris, so far)
    • but I think what you’re referring to is when contributions that originate elsewhere, written by course participants, appeared under the ocTEL web banner. I think we have tweaked the system so that this no longer happens, precisely to avoid this confusion, but it came about where we were aggregating contributions into our database.

    Let me know if you’re still seeing this. Martin Hawksey may have a more definitive response.
    best, David