What are your expectations of ocTEL?

21/04/2013 in Course information, Evaluation

As noted in Friday’s overview, the team is keen to hear your feedback about ocTEL, and to act on it! We also have fairly detailed plans for a broader evaluation of ocTEL, which includes investigating impact on course participants. I have written in more detail on my blog about the thinking behind the evaluation, as well as the key evaluation questions we’re looking to address. These are organised in four themes:

  • Impact on staff competency (value in practice)
  • ocTEL Content and Design
  • ocTEL Discourse and Knowledge
  • ocTEL Community and Sustainability

There is also a sub-theme looking at the collaborative approach to open authoring and the impact of ocTEL on the course team.

The purpose of the evaluation is to provide feedback to the ocTEL team, but also to review the extent that the intended outcomes of stakeholders (especially participants) are achieved. We’re also hoping to add to the understanding of how MOOCs work for different kinds of participants.  The wider ocTEL evaluation will collect data via:

  • Weekly polls for all ocTEL participants.
  • The ocTEL expectations questionnaire
  • Three evaluation themed questionnaires sent to members of the ocTEL evaluation panel.
  • Analytics from various ocTEL feeds.

For now, we want to focus on the first theme (Impact on staff competency). The intent is to explore your prior experience, how you anticipate engaging with the course be that in part or across the full thing, and gain an overview of what the overall ocTEL community is hoping to achieve from taking part.

So this is a plea to help us set the baseline for our evaluation!

Please click on the link to the ocTEL expectations questionnaire.

It should only take 5-10 minutes to complete.

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