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    week-0-tel-explorerThere are three activities outlined in the Week 0 TEL Explorer section and this badge can be earned up to three times. Click on the badge to make your each of your submissions for Week 0’s TEL Explorer badges.

  • week-0-topicAutomatically earn this topic badge for completing at least three of the badged activities from week 0.

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    week-0-webinarTune in or watch the weekly recording of each week’s webinar to achieve the this badge. To receive this badge click on the badge link and enter the code given during the webinar in the submission box.

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    Each week we award a TEL One badge for completing ‘If you only do one thing…’. As week 0’s one thing is to join/watch the webinar this badge is awarded to TEL One (other thing), which is to record your reflections for Activity 0.1 Big and little questions. Click on the badge link to enter your submission.

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    There is debate about awarding credit for attendance but given the style of this course we feel it’s important to find mechanisms for you to see who also is active within each week. Click on this badge link to ‘check-in’ and see who else is also active in this topic.

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    ThumbnailI’ve managed to log in, itself a bit of a challenge as it appeared to be optional but it isn’t if you actually want to contribute which would seem to be part of the point of the course.
    Next I had to set up […]

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    Hello Keymaster, that’s a nice handle!

    I’m trying not to be overwhelmed and did have some initial struggles with getting logged in. I’ve now got a WordPress blog set up (yet another account which I will have to log in and out of frequently as have a personal one as well).

    Looking forward to the course and hope I can keep up with it.