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    Hi Moira,

    No that’s fine – you’ve posted in the right place!

    Thanks for tackling this activity.  I think you’re spot on with your categorisation of learning theories for the case studies you’ve listed.  An  interesting aspect of this is that learning activities can often encompass more than one theoretical approach which can make them chal…[Read more]

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    These are great examples malmaley, all very different and effective in a range of ways. The issue that’s raised by all of them is how to manage the assessment and feedback processes successfully. Adding technology into the mix clearly needs careful thought and the right support needs to be in place if it’s to be sustainable.

    I like the third…[Read more]

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    Thanks for sharing these experiences – it sounds as if you have made really valuable use of online MCQs for both pre- and post testing. You’re right, MCQs can provide instant feedback on levels of knowledge which can be very helpful,  however the feedback can often be quite minimal and I guess it’s the quality and detail of feedback as muc…[Read more]

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    I take that back – I can see the screenshots now – must have been my slow machine…


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    Yes, I think Jim’s right – it’s having to do things differently which makes people uneasy and it’s true that reading long documents online can be awkward if you’re not used to it.  Once markers get used to grading and giving feedback online however, they generally do find they can do it more quickly over time. Most importantly, students rea…[Read more]

  • Welcome to week 4 of OcTEL!  Hopefully the ‘catch-up week’ will have given everyone a chance to draw breath and to review some of the activities and resources made available over the first three weeks of the course.  We start things off again  this week by looking at the role of technology in assessment, feedback and learner support. Each of these is a big topic in its own right so we have an interesting week to look forward to. We will invite you to get involved in a number of activities to explore these areas in more depth, and we encourage you to share with everyone your own experiences and favourite resources on these very important topics. It would also be good to hear about your experiences of feedback as an ocTEL participant – open courses like this bring a whole new meaning to learner support.

    A quick introduction to this week’s facilitators, Sheila MacNeill and Jim Emery who, along with myself, will be around to comment on your posts and encourage your participation. We’re all from the central Blended Learning team at Glasgow Caledonian University where Sheila is a senior lecturer and Jim a lecturer. Sheila is currently ALT’s Learning Technologist of the Year (quite an achievement!) and shares creative ideas through her blog (http://howsheilaseesit.wordpress.com/) and twitter feed (@sheilmcn). Jim is highly experienced in the use of e-assessment and feedback, especially through Turnitin and GradeMark. Jim’s Twitter account is @gcujime and mine is @lcreanor. We all look forward to hearing your views and experiences of assessment, feedback and student support through various channels as we go through the week.

    This week’s live webinar will take place at 1pm on Wednesday (4th June) and will provide insight into recent work in the area of using TEL for assessment and feedback. The webinar will be led by Lisa Gray from Jisc together with colleagues from across the Technology Enhanced Assessment programme. We hope you’ll be able to join us!

    Professor Linda Creanor
    Head of Blended Learning | GCU LEAD – Learning Enhancement & Academic Development

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